Corporate Services

In the Netherlands Liberation Management provides corporate and personal directorships as well as a registered address for legal entities and partnerships seeking local residence. In addition, Liberation Management offers a range of other services including, legal, corporate secretarial and administrative support, thus ensuring full compliance with local law and regulations. We are able to provide all levels of substance (including dedicated office space, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses) in order to enhance the presence in the Netherlands. The combination of our extensive experience and personal approach enables us to understand the specific needs of our clients and results in long lasting relationships with both our clients and their advisors.

Royalty Services

We can provide owners of intellectual property with a unique third party structure that enables rights to be exploited to the best possible commercial and financial advantage. Substantial savings are made on international tax liabilities under numerous tax treaties concluded by the Netherlands.

Escrow Services

Escrow is an increasingly used tool to ensure that a complex financial transaction is completed to the full satisfaction of buyer and seller. We can manage the blocked account into which the funds are held until release.

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